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May 6th

Top chef joins academy team

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Local students have been treated to a seafood masterclass from a renowned chef.

Paul Ripley, who has Michelin star status, delivered a fish workshop to students at Cornwall College at Camborne.

Mr Ripley, who has worked with the likes of Rick Stein, is also now mentoring students at the college’s Academy Nathan Outlaw.

He said: “I have been working with Nathan for many years now and I am really happy to help out with the academy.

“They all have the opportunity to, when they’ve finished their study, go out and work with Nathan, which is a great start for a young chef.

“It’s great for the students to learn the basics but they need to do them well if they want to work with Nathan.”

The students watched him prepare deep-fried plaice with courgette-spiced chutney.

Both chefs are known for their work with seafood and believe that the produce that comes out of the Cornish waters makes fish dishes paramount for students to learn about.