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Jun 14th

Davidstow Cheddar

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To make great cheddar you need the very best milk. For cows to make milk they need grass. And to make grass you need rain, lots of it. That’s why Cornwall with its gentle, year-round rainfall and warm summer sun is such perfect dairy country. Just think of all those clotted cream teas.
Making cheese at Davidstow

Our Davidstow creamery has been making cheddar for sixty years. Built on what was once a wartime aerodrome, it sits in rich dairy country. Over 400 local farmers supply us with the milk we need to give our award-winning cheddar its distinctive creamy character. Or maybe it’s the influence of the ancient St David’s Well nearby.
The only way to make great cheddar

It takes time to make proper cheddar. That means starting with the freshest possible milk and leaving the final result to mature for over a year until ready to eat – or a little longer for that extra bite.

Davidstow Cornish Classic and Cornish Crackler are available from Sainsbury’s and Tesco. Or you can order them online at for delivery by your local milkman.